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The Homeschool Comparison Trap

                Okay, honestly, comparison isn’t limited to homeschooling, especially if you’re a parent.  But that’s what I’m going to write about today.  Whether you’re actively comparing your homeschool to another’s or something happens that gets the wheels going, at some point we find ourselves in that moment, wondering how our homeschool matches up.

                The big answer is that it doesn’t.  Your homeschool isn’t going to match perfectly to anyone else’s whether you share the same philosophy or even the same curriculum. 

You are an individual.

A unique individual.  And that fact is the very first consideration in knowing that your homeschool will never be like anyone else’s. 

Immediately following is the second key fact, your children are individuals as well.  Your family’s distinctiveness will guide your homeschool to a highly specialized way of study.  It’s a path that tailors the lessons and information to the personalities and needs of each member of your family.  And this is a great thing!  In fact, it’s one of the most valuable aspects of homeschooling your children, that sense of ownership because the learning is entirely yours.  You can change any method of study or topic in a way that best serves the way your child learns.  You can alter it to create interest for your child. How wonderful is that?

If your family learns best through games, try gameschooling. Maybe following the typical public school calendar doesn’t work isn’t working; consider trying a year round schedule. You may find that a loop schedule would work better than a block schedule.

Instead of looking at that other homeschool family that seems to have it all together, or viewing the Instagram and Pinterest accounts, look to your own family.

  Seriously, spend some time observing what’s happening in your own homeschool setting. 

Make a point of writing down the positives, the good things you see.  Keep a running log of what works well for your family as a whole, as well as what works best for the individuals.  Find where the successes are, where the joy comes in.  Use this to determine the best curriculum or non-curriculum for your family. Then, if you’d like, go back to find the activities that will fit with YOUR style.

No one has the perfect homeschool.  But everyone can have the best homeschool for them.  Enjoy that. Revel in it. 

Let’s celebrate our uniqueness!

What’s something that stands out about your homeschool that you absolutely love?

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