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The Benefits of Homeschooling During Difficult Times

Life can be challenging in many ways. 

And there are some things that are definitely more life altering than others. 

                We have experienced many life altering events, and I will say that I was grateful that we were homeschooling during those times.  It benefitted us all. 

                To begin with, I’m not going to go through all of our experiences here, but I will mention our most recent.  Our three-year old golden retriever, Buddy, died.  This was a complete shock to the family. And as we have dealt with death before, it had an added level of impact.

                Homeschooling isn’t some great cure-all that makes losing a beloved pet easier, but it was a benefit to us in many ways.

  •                 We were free to grieve.  We could take the days as we needed.  No one had to rush to school.  The kids were able to spend time the way they needed to as they processed their grief.
  •                 We were available to have conversations whenever they were needed.  Thoughts and opinions could be expressed immediately, and did not need to wait until school was over.  Everything could be dropped, so that emotional needs and questions could be addressed.
  •                 There was a freedom to express themselves.  If anyone needed to cry, they could do so, without feeling like other people would be watching them.  When they needed to yell, again in our home, we would understand and be able to give space for that.
  •               We could have lessons about the need for self-care.  Need to curl up in a chair with a book?  Go for it.  Play some music or video games.  We made room for those innocent distractions which both provided room to escape for a little while, as well as helped the brain sort out emotions and feelings. 
  •                 We took the time to learn how to express emotions in a healthy way.  They weren’t forced to hold in their feelings until another time.  Those questions and the processing that were going on, where better than at home to guide them through this difficult life lesson.

Homeschooling allowed the children the time to experience the disappointments, the challenges, and the lessons of life and death with parental guidance and surrounded by love.   Again, homeschooling didn’t solve any of the feelings, but it did provide a safe place to express and come to terms with what was happening.

Have you found homeschooling to be a benefit or a hindrance during difficult times? 

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