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Why We’re Homeschooling Year Round this Year!

This year, we’ve been trying something new. We’ve been exploring schooling year round, and here’s why.

                This past summer was less than ideal weather wise.  It was really hot.  I know, it’s summer, what did I expect?  Well, I didn’t expect that my kids would start reacting to the heat as I do.  I don’t do well in the heat.  Basically, two minutes outside and people are telling me I’m sunburned.  I’m not, I just over heat – quickly.  Turns out my kids are taking after me in this.  Why do kids always seem to inherit those traits of ours that we’d rather they skip over? 

So all of my plans for these great outdoor excursions simply weren’t a good decision for us.

                  But it wasn’t always overwhelmingly hot this summer, sometimes it rained…a lot…for many, many days.  And not a light rain that you might be willing to ignore, but those hard, pounding rains that make you  hope the basement is properly sealed.

                So there we were in the summer of heat and wet, and I made a decision, with the help of my youngest honestly.  We started our school year during the summer. My daughter was bored and continually asking to “do school”.  So we did.  And by doing so, my plan is to take advantage of the weather that best suits us, it may not be the best for taking that kayak trip right now, but hopefully the spring will be good for that (the fall weather really wasn’t much better).  We love the snow, and there are all those winter holidays that are distracting before they even arrive.  This year we can truly make our own schedule.

                That’s what I learned and accepted this year.  We’ve always dabbled in setting our own schedule, days off here and there that didn’t coordinate with the local school calendar, working on some days that they weren’t.  This year we’re simply embracing it on a larger scale.  And I’m hoping for an added bonus that my daughter learns that we don’t “do school”, we live learning.  I think they both get that, maybe it’s me that needed that homeschool life lesson.

Do you school year round or have you considered it?

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