Spring Self-Care To-Do List

I sometimes find myself spending too much time making to-do lists.  There’s no surprise when I say, they rarely make me happy.  Once I complete a list, I can sense the next list just waiting to jump in to take the completed one’s place.

While taking a rare moment of sitting by myself outside, I started thinking of all that was waiting for me once I got up.

It then dawned on me that what I truly needed was a to-do list that wasn’t just about completing tasks and daily chores, but one that would nurture and remind me to take the time to enjoy these moments and what they bring.

So, as a stand against to-do lists, I’m writing a to-do list, ha!  It’s a self-care list that doesn’t require much time or arranging quiet space.  It’s a way to engage all of my senses in the moment, and for a little while forget all the must-dos of the day.

Here’s my list.

  •  Look at the flowers.  There are so many that have already come and gone, while new ones are appearing.  I love the colors and the scents that fill the air. 
  • Breathe deeply while outdoors.  Take a step outside with that just right temperature and breathe in the scents of spring.  I recommend avoiding this on those rainy days that bring all the worms to surface.  Those days just smell like worms, very unappealing.
  • Watch the kids playing outside.  Seeing them discover things or simply laughing is a great way to spend time.  And there’s none of that worry of whether they’re having too much screen time in this moment.
  • Join the kids playing outside.  It’s a good reminder to not be serious all of the time.
  • Listen to the birds.  I like trying to find them while listening to their calls, watching for small flashes of color.  It helps to engage my brain in observing details.
  • Feel the sun on your face.  The full effect, close your eyes and lean into it.  There’s something about that bit of springtime warmth that helps me relax.
  • Feel the breeze on your skin.  I’ll even get the sandals out for this one.
  • Walk barefoot in the grass.  Just check for hidden bees first, they can permanently ruin the joy in this one.
  • Collect flowers with the kids.  My daughter loves to make flower arrangements.  We spend some time finding just the right flowers.
  • Think of what is good.  Even if it’s just this moment, find something that you are thankful for and live in that thought for a while.  It doesn’t have to be anything big.  Sometimes the smallest of joys can be enough to pull us through the rest of the day.

So that’s my to-do list of things to do this spring.  Every day, I’ll try to get at least a few of those in, even if I have to put them on a list with my daily chores.  Without taking moments like these, the purpose of all those chores starts seeming pretty pointless.

What brings peace to your heart during the spring season? 

Are there certain things that help you press the reset button when things feel overwhelming?

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